​Straddling the worlds of theory and practice, Margaret uses human rights, humanitarian law and principles of international law to develop strategies of governance and rule of law across a variety of sectors promoting a culture of legality  and sustainability.



Margaret has ten years progressive research and professional experience in international human rights, criminal law and justice. She has demonstrated international experience in a number of international contexts including conflict and post-conflict environments.

Sustainably developing humanitarian action, rule of law and human rights

Margaret is a resource who can provide expert knowledge and consulting capturing all aspects of rule of law to strategically integrate human rights, governance and international law principles for organisations ranging from international to regional and national entities. 


Tailoring strategies to the needs of a particular context ensure their success and integration into long-term programmes.



Margaret has worked on a variety of projects involving international, regional and national organisations as well as academic institutions. Additional background information and further writings are available. 



"Margaret has a comprehensive background in post-conflict justice. She functions well as a focal point for projects, and is pro-active regarding project initiation and completion. She is an excellent communicator, equally effective as a speaker and as a drafter. Moreover, she is an effective, efficient editor of complex legal texts."

Pubudu Sachithanandan,

Trial Lawyer at the International Criminal Court

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